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The article advances the hypothesis that the seasonal and inter-annual variability of rainfall is a significant and measurable factor in the economic development of nations. An analysis of global datasets reveals a statistically significant relationship between greater rainfall variability and lower per capita GDP. Having established this correlation, we(More)
Although San Francisco Bay has a "Golden Gate", it may be argued that it is the "Silver Estuary". For at one time the Bay was reported to have the highest levels of silver in its sediments and biota, along with the only accurately measured values of silver in solution, of any estuarine system. Since then others have argued that silver contamination is(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of anthropogenic noise on terrestrial wildlife is a relatively new area of study with broad ranging management implications. Noise has been identified as a disturbance that has the potential to induce behavioral responses in animals similar to those associated with predation risk. This study investigated potential impacts of a variety(More)
In this study, we identify climatic influences on summer monsoon inflow to the Three Gorges Dam (TGD) in the Yangtze River Basin and use indices of these influences to predict streamflow one season ahead. Summer monsoon streamflow at Yichang hydrological station (YHS) was analyzed for the period 1882–2003. Statistical analysis was used to develop a(More)
W ill we run out of fresh water in the 21 st century? The media highlights the parched lands, dry riverbeds and springs and falling groundwater tables across the world daily. Over a billion people living in developing countries without access to safe drinking water are facing economic and water poverty' I Another real and troubling indicator is the rapid(More)
[1] It is widely acknowledged that climate variability modifies the frequency spectrum of extreme hydrologic events. Traditional hydrological frequency analysis methods do not account for year to year shifts in flood risk distributions that arise due to changes in exogenous factors that affect the causal structure of flood risk. We use Hierarchical Bayesian(More)
In order to plan strategies for adaptation to climate change, the current effects of climate on economic growth needs to be understood. This study reviews evidence of climate effects on economic growth and presents original analysis of the effect in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Case studies from the literature demonstrate that historically, climate has had(More)
The influence of climate and the role of water security on economic growth are topics of growing interest. Few studies have investigated the potential role that climate hazards, which water security addresses, and their cumulative effects have on the growth prospects for a country. Owing to the relatively stationary spatial patterns of global climate,(More)
A case of an unruptured pregnancy in a heterotopic left fallopian tube isolated from a unicornuate uterus with a normal contralateral tube and ovary is presented. The corpus luteum of pregnancy was in the left ovary. This case provides supportive evidence for transperitoneal sperm migration.