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investigators have studied this problem. The autopsy studies of Custer2’3 and Hashimoto4 are directed largely toward efforts to establish the size of the “normal” marrow organ. Shillingford,5 in autopsy studies of patients in heart failure, demonstrated grossly visible expansion of red marrow in long bones. Kramer and Wynne6 made external counts of(More)
The rapid spread of infectious disease has resulted in the decline of animal populations globally. Amphibians support a diversity of microbial symbionts on their skin surface that help to inhibit pathogen colonisation and reduce disease susceptibility and virulence. These cutaneous microbial communities represent an important component of amphibian immune(More)
Equine arteritis virus (EAV) has the ability to establish persistent infection in the reproductive tract of the stallion (carrier) and is continuously shed in its semen. We have recently demonstrated that EAV persists within stromal cells and a subset of lymphocytes in the stallion accessory sex glands in the presence of a significant local inflammatory(More)
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