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The proteins expressed by a genome have been termed the proteome. By comparing the proteome of a disease-affected tissue with the proteome of an unaffected tissue it is possible to identify proteins that play a role in a disease process. The hippocampus is involved in the processing of short-term memory and is affected in Alzheimer's disease. Any(More)
The response to growth hormone in humans is dependent on phenotypic, genetic and environmental factors. The present study in children with growth hormone deficiency (GHD) collected worldwide characterised gene-environment interactions on growth response to recombinant human growth hormone (r-hGH). Growth responses in children are linked to latitude, and we(More)
  • Shepherd Fa, J Crowley, +94 authors Postmus
  • 2015
Lung cancer is the number 1 cause of cancer death and the most common cancer type worldwide. Unfortunately, its prognosis is poor and the available treatment modalities are limited. Because patients (and their loved ones) have to deal with such a bad prognosis within a short time period, learning to live with lung cancer and its treatment trajectory until(More)
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