Casey K. Fung

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We describe a prototype implementation of a semantic filtering capability added to an existing XML-based publish and subscribe infrastructure. An ontology is used to provide vocabulary for expressing both 1) the semantic annotations that characterize the published documents and 2) the subscriptions specifying the class of documents to be routed to a given(More)
Object-Oriented Architecture (OOA), Component-Based Architecture (CBA), and Service-Based Architecture (SBA) represent three technical architecture paradigms in current software systems. Object, Component, and Service are three key concepts in distributed software systems. From implementation point of view, a service is implemented by one or more(More)
One of the significant challenges for making service-oriented architectures (SOA) effective for enterprise systems is quality of service (QoS) management because of the dynamic, flexible, and compositional nature of SOA. QoS management must be integrated into service-oriented enterprise architectures. It must support a set of common QoS characteristics and(More)
Distributed software systems are the basis for innovative applications (e.g., pervasive computing, telecommunication services, and grid utility services). The key for achieving survivable and maintainable distributed systems is agility because otherwise the non-deterministic nature of distribution would leave the system uncontrollable. Survivability is(More)
As enterprise services increasingly interconnect as networked services in a service-oriented architecture (SOA), service level management (SLM) is becoming a complex problem and can no longer be handled by traditional monitoring tools like Microsoft SMS. SLM is a process managing the quality of services demanded by clients and offered by providers. This(More)
Quality of service (QoS) management in compositions of services requires careful consideration of QoS characteristics of the services and effective QoS management in their execution. A Web service is a software system that supports interoperable application-to-application interaction over the Internet. Web services are based on a set of XML standards such(More)
Quality of Services (QoS) management in compositions of services requires careful consideration of QoS characteristics of the services and effective QoS management in their execution. This paper describes an approach to implementation of QoS management in compositions of Web services in the context of Computational Quality Attributes and Service Level(More)
Quality of Service (QoS) management is critical for service-oriented enterprise architectures because services have different QoS characteristics, requesters have different requirements, and service interactions are decoupled. This paper proposes a QoS Management Architecture for dynamic processing of serviceand flow-level quality attributes to support QoS(More)
We took an innovative approach to service level management for network enterprise systems by using integrated monitoring, diagnostics, and adaptation services in a service-oriented architecture. The autonomous diagnosis for trouble-shooting of web service interruptions is based on Bayesian network models. In this paper, we present our methods for building(More)