Casey Jeffrey Hanson

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We have determined the pKa values for thiol-thiolate equilibria of Escherichia coli thioredoxin and compared structural properties of reduced and oxidized forms of the protein in solution by Raman spectroscopy. Ionization and hydrogen-bonding states of the two cysteine sulfhydryls (Cys32 and Cys35) in reduced thioredoxin were determined by monitoring the(More)
The active-site cysteines (Cys 32 and Cys 35) of Escherichia coli thioredoxin are oxidized to a disulfide bridge when the protein mediates substrate reduction. In reduced thioredoxin, Cys 32 and Cys 35 are characterized by abnormally low pKa values. A conserved side chain, Asp 26, which is sterically accessible to the active site, is also essential to(More)
The discordance between genome size and the complexity of eukaryotes can partly be attributed to differences in repeat density. The Muller F element (~5.2 Mb) is the smallest chromosome in Drosophila melanogaster, but it is substantially larger (>18.7 Mb) in Drosophila ananassae To identify the major contributors to the expansion of the F element and to(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to thank everyone at PBS&J including Clell Bond, Eugene Foster, and Nesta Anderson PhD. for giving me the opportunity to get involved in the Main Plaza Project, Mike Smith for putting up with me every day in the field, for all the help in the field and in the lab, and Brandy Harris for too many things to list. I " d also like(More)
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