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Acne is a common condition among adolescents and has the potential to negatively impact on the psychological well-being of those who suffer from it. In particular, depression and suicidal ideation are more common in adolescents with acne. Successful treatment of acne can improve the quality of life and reduce levels of anxiety and depression in these(More)
BACKGROUND A substantial number of melanoma patients will develop multiple primary melanomas (MPM). Currently, little is known about the impact of MPM on survival. OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine whether melanoma survival is worse for patients with MPM compared to those with a single invasive primary melanoma (SPM). MATERIALS AND METHODS A cohort study(More)
Sentinel lymph node status is a major prognostic marker in locally invasive cutaneous melanoma. However, this procedure is not always feasible, requires advanced logistics and carries rare but significant morbidity. Previous studies have linked markers of tumour biology to patient survival. In this study, we aimed to combine the predictive value of(More)
Erythroderma is a potentially serious and life-threatening skin disease with a number of possible aetiologies. Drug reactions are well-documented causes, with carbamazepine, penicillin and allopurinol being the most commonly implicated. This case describes a unique presentation of warfarin-induced erythroderma in a 78-year-old female patient.
Cutaneous melanoma is a heterogeneous disease affecting the regulation of multiple genes and proteins that contribute to melanoma progression. Survival for patients with locally invasive disease varies greatly, even within tumour stages based on current prognostic criteria. This has prompted investigations into the value of additional clinical or biological(More)