Casey J. Handmer

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We consider mode coupling in multimode optical fibers using either two Bragg gratings or a Bragg grating and a long-period grating. We show that the magnitude of the band edge curvature can be controlled leading to a flat, quartic band-edge or to two band edges at distinct, nonequivalent k-values, allowing precise control of slow light propagation.
We present a spectral algorithm for solving the full nonlinear vacuum Einstein field equations in the Bondi framework. Developed within the Spectral Einstein Code (SpEC), we demonstrate spectral characteristic evolution as a technical precursor to Cauchy Characteristic Extraction (CCE), a rigorous method for obtaining gauge-invariant gravitational waveforms(More)
We present gauge invariant spectral Cauchy characteristic extraction. We compare gravitational waveforms extracted from a head-on black hole merger simulated in two different gauges by two different codes. We show rapid convergence, demonstrating both gauge invariance of the extraction algorithm and consistency between the legacy Pitt null code and the much(More)
We present a new approach for the Cauchy-characteristic extraction of gravitational radiation strain, news function, and the flux of the energy-momentum, supermomentum and angular momentum associated with the Bondi-MetznerSachs asymptotic symmetries. In Cauchy-characteristic extraction, a characteristic evolution code takes numerical data on an inner(More)
We develop a way to enhance the amplitudes of the nonpropagating evanescent orders of resonant dielectric gratings. We use this blazing to design gratings with spectra tailored to generate steerable sub-Rayleigh field concentrations on a surface. We investigate the enhancement and customization of evanescent fields necessary to create a virtual and passive(More)
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