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There has been considerable success in developing strategies to detect insider threats in information systems based on what one might call the random object access model or ROA. This approach models illegitimate users as ones who randomly access records. The goal is to use statistics, machine learning, knowledge of workflows and other techniques to support(More)
This study integrates gene expression, genotype and drug response data in lymphoblastoid cell lines with transcription factor (TF)-binding sites from ENCODE (Encyclopedia of Genomic Elements) in a novel methodology that elucidates regulatory contexts associated with cytotoxicity. The method, GENMi (Gene Expression iN the Middle), postulates that(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to thank everyone at PBS&J including Clell Bond, Eugene Foster, and Nesta Anderson PhD. for giving me the opportunity to get involved in the Main Plaza Project, Mike Smith for putting up with me every day in the field, for all the help in the field and in the lab, and Brandy Harris for too many things to list. I " d also like(More)
Changes in gene regulatory networks (GRNs) underlie the evolution of morphological novelty and developmental system drift. The fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster and the dengue and Zika vector mosquito Aedes aegypti have substantially similar nervous system morphology. Nevertheless, they show significant divergence in a set of genes co-expressed in the(More)
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