Casey E. Stella

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We show that detecting real roots for honestly <i>n</i>-variate (<i>n</i>+2)-nomials with integer exponents and coefficients) can be done in time polynomial in the sparse encoding for any fixed n<i>n</i>. The best previous complexity bounds were exponential in the sparse encoding, even for <i>n</i> fixed. We then give a characterization of those functions(More)
Fewnomial theory began with explicit bounds — solely in terms of the number of variables and monomial terms — on the number of real roots of systems of polynomial equations. Here we take the next logical step of investigating the corresponding existence problem: Let FEAS R denote the problem of deciding whether a given system of multivariate polynomial(More)
Some xenobiotics, known to promote the development of thrombotic phenomena, affect vascular endothelium ADPase, a regulatory enzyme that inactivates vaso- and platelet-active adenine nucleotides. This proposed new experimental approach represents an improved method of evaluation of vascular endothelial ADPase activity which is assessed by measuring, at(More)
Cloud computing and big data are two core services in many organizations. Combining a big data platform, such as Hadoop, into the cloud architecture using virtualization technique will result in losing the performance benefit of MapReduce. Unique for the existing virtualized big data cloud, this work introduces an innovative cloud architecture called the(More)
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