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W ill we run out of fresh water in the 21 st century? The media highlights the parched lands, dry riverbeds and springs and falling groundwater tables across the world daily. Over a billion people living in developing countries without access to safe drinking water are facing economic and water poverty' I Another real and troubling indicator is the rapid(More)
[1] It is widely acknowledged that climate variability modifies the frequency spectrum of extreme hydrologic events. Traditional hydrological frequency analysis methods do not account for year to year shifts in flood risk distributions that arise due to changes in exogenous factors that affect the causal structure of flood risk. We use Hierarchical Bayesian(More)
The article advances the hypothesis that the seasonal and inter-annual variability of rainfall is a significant and measurable factor in the economic development of nations. An analysis of global datasets reveals a statistically significant relationship between greater rainfall variability and lower per capita GDP. Having established this correlation, we(More)
Estimation and inferences for the hemodynamic response functions (HRF) using multi-subject fMRI data are considered. Within the context of the General Linear Model, two new nonparametric estimators for the HRF are proposed. The first is a kernel-smoothed estimator, which is used to construct hypothesis tests on the entire HRF curve, in contrast to only(More)
[1] The generation of synthetic multivariate rainfall and/or streamflow time series that accurately simulate both the spatial and temporal dependence of the original multivariate series remains a challenging problem in hydrology and frequently requires either the estimation of a large number of model parameters or significant simplifying assumptions on the(More)
In this study, we identify climatic influences on summer monsoon inflow to the Three Gorges Dam (TGD) in the Yangtze River Basin and use indices of these influences to predict streamflow one season ahead. Summer monsoon streamflow at Yichang hydrological station (YHS) was analyzed for the period 1882–2003. Statistical analysis was used to develop a(More)
This paper presents an operational approach to setting prices for groundwater in accordance with the interannual variability of monsoon rainfall and the dynamic cost of groundwater use to society. The pricing system is designed for the state of Tamil Nadu, India, where groundwater is largely unregulated and the electricity for pumping is heavily subsidized.(More)
  • Kevin Mulligan, Mulligan, Brett, Alex Towler, David Haro, Richard N Ahlfeld +20 others
  • 2016
DEDICATION To my late grandparents, Mario and Mary Silva, and my late grandaunt, Laurinda Figueiredo. v ACKNOWLEDGMENTS First and foremost, I would like thank my advisor, Dr. Brett Towler, for his dedication and support. Without his guidance and leadership this dissertation would not have been possible. Next, I would like to thank my committee members, Dr.(More)