Casey B. White

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Medical school is an academic and developmental path toward a professional life demanding self-regulation and self-education. Thus, many medical schools include in their goals for medical student education their graduates' ability to self-assess and self-regulate their education upon graduation and throughout their professional lives. This study explores(More)
In 2002 the University of Michigan Medical School created a one-month course in advanced medical therapeutics (AMT). All senior medical students were required to complete the course. To provide some flexibility for students who were interviewing for residency positions the AMT course was created using a distance-learning model, and in the 2008-2009 academic(More)
AIM Although studies have examined medical students' ability to self-assess their performance, there are few longitudinal studies that document the stability of self-assessment accuracy over time. This study compares actual and estimated examination performance for three classes during their first 3 years of medical school. METHODS Students assessed their(More)
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