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BACKGROUND Although exercise has been shown to relieve depression, little is known about its mechanism or dose-response characteristics. We hypothesized that high intensity progressive resistance training (PRT) would be more effective than either low intensity PRT or standard care by a general practitioner (GP) in depressed elderly persons, and that high(More)
The time-course and dose-effect relationships for 63Ni uptake in renal parenchyma and nuclei were delineated in 63NiCl2-treated rats, based upon isolation of renal nuclei by sucrose gradient centrifugation and measurements of 63Ni by liquid scintillation counting. In 5 groups of rats killed 2 to 24 hours after 63NiCl2 injection (36 mumol/kg, im), 63Ni(More)
Widespread arteriosclerotic lesions were detected by histological examinations of rats killed at seven or nine weeks after an intrarenal (ir) injection of nickel subsulfide (Ni3S2, 5 mg per rat). Arteriosclerotic plaques were readily visualized by administering hematoporphyrin derivative (HPD) iv to rats at 24 hours before sacrifice. At necropsy, the major(More)
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