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Has anything changed? Current characterizations of men, women, and managers.
Replication et extension de la recherche de Schein (1973) sur la description des hommes, des femmes, en tant que tels ou comme managers ou managers a succes, par 268 managers utilisant un inventaireExpand
Presumed incompetent? Stigmatization and affirmative action efforts.
Two studies investigated whether a stigma of incompetence marks those associated with affirmative action programs. In an experiment, 129 male and female undergraduates reviewed the applicationExpand
Contending With Stereotype Threat at Work: A Model of Long-Term Responses 1Ψ7
Women and people of color are still underrepresented in many occupational roles. Being in a situation where one is underrepresented, and thus in the demographic minority, has been shown to be aExpand
Stereotype threat and feedback seeking in the workplace
Abstract This study examined stereotype threat ( Steele & Aronson, 1995 ) in workplace settings and investigated relationships of stereotype threat to feedback seeking and feedback acceptance.Expand
The Affirmative Action Stigma Of Incompetence: Effects Of Performance Information Ambiguity
In two studies, 264 male and female managers reviewed information about the job performance of a person portrayed as either a man or a woman and, if a woman, as either an affirmative action hire or...
Disabling the Able: Stereotype Threat and Women's Work Performance
Stereotype threat is the risk of confirming a negative stereotype about one’s group as being true of oneself. This laboratory simulation investigated the effect of stereotype threat on women’sExpand
The Dual Effects of Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Relationships to Research Productivity and Career Outcomes in Academe
Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) has been shown to be important for organizational effectiveness, yet less is known about the relationship between OCB and objective outcomes for individuals.Expand
Assessing Stereotypes of Black and White Managers: A Diagnostic Ratio Approach†
This study investigated whether racial group membership is diagnostic in predicting the characteristics ascribed to managers. Scales were created to examine the work-relevant racial stereotypes ofExpand
Gender differences in recommendation letters for postdoctoral fellowships in geoscience
Gender disparities in science are well documented. An analysis of 1,224 recommendation letters from 54 countries for geoscience postdoctoral fellowships reveals that women are half as likely toExpand