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Disseminate and recurrent infundibulofolliculitis is an uncommon pruitic papular follicular eruption that affects the trunk and proximal extremities and occurs almost exclusively in blacks. Little is known about the cause, and treatment has been totally unsuccessful. Extensive laboratory investigations, including histology and direct immunofluorescence in(More)
Iron storage disease (ISD) in lemurs has been reported since as early as the 1960s, and in the 1980s was demonstrated to be a consistent finding in postmortem investigations of captive lemurs. Since then this disease has consistently been diagnosed at the point of necropsy. In the current study we describe a preclinical screening procedure, as well as the(More)
To determine the water resistance of a sunscreen, the COLIPA method requires the determination of two minimal erythema doses (MEDs): a static MED (MED(US)) and a wet MED (MED(UW)) (1). The MED(US) is used in calculating the static SPF; the MED(UW) is used in calculating the SPF after water immersion. Herein, we report that in the 107 subjects examined, the(More)
Like water resistance in sunscreens, sand resistance in sunscreens is the ability of the sunscreen to retain its effectiveness while undergoing sand treatment. The influence of the type of sand on the sand resistance of sunscreens has not been described. The sand resistance of a control standard sunscreen, P2, and data on three grades of Quickrete(More)
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