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There has traditionally been significant engineering overhead required for the integration of multi-vendor tool and IP design methodologies. Making design-chain integration efficient is the key objective of the SPIRIT Consortium. This special session paper provides an insight into how the specifications of the SPIRIT consortium are being adopted in the(More)
This paper explores the feasibility of using VHDL to model systems utilizing fuzzy logic. In particular, it deals with the representation and analysis of the behavior of collections of interacting objects, each of which is characterized by fuzzy if-then rules. The feasibility and desirability of using VHDL to model such systems is ezamined and an example is(More)
0 Goals of this Talk  Illustrate the difference in agreement patterns in different types of Icelandic passives.  Motivate a smuggling approach (Collins 2005) for auxiliary passives, and a non-smuggling approach for –st passives.  Argue for iterative applications of Agree. 1.1 Actives  Icelandic main verbs/auxiliaries agree in person and number with(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm using configurable DSP processor design tools. Beginning with the NIST specification, a software algorithm is developed and then hardware implementations are profiled and tuned by adding or removing configurable computing units. Finally, RTL implementations(More)
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