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In computer science, an expected outcome of a student's education is programming skill. This working group investigated the programming competency students have as they complete their first one or two courses in computer science. In order to explore options for assessing students, the working group developed a trial assessment of whether students can(More)
panelists will discuss various approaches to teaching an introductory computer graphics course. They represent a wide spectrum of the discipline, offering courses emphasizing systems, engineering, mathematics, science, art design and animation. Sample course syllabi, textbook recommendations, software packages and suggested projects will be available. This(More)
We present seven case-studies of undergraduate recruitment to Computer Science courses together with analysis of students' success during the early part of their study. We focus particularly upon qualification on entry, the subjects studied in the early university curriculum, and student grades.We find that while university admissions are complex processes,(More)
Computer science is inherently international but its effective application depends on an understanding of the local culture in which it is being used. Students and faculty need to be prepared to operate in this global environment. This ITiCSE working group report discusses why an international dimension is an important component of a computer science,(More)
This panel discusses the granting of credit for AP CS by colleges and universities. Particularly with the change of the AP CS exam from Pascal to C++ last year, this panel is aimed both the collegiate and high school communities who are interested in comments from schools who have experience with AP CS students. Topics will include a short review of the AP(More)
Computer graphics is a powerful medium used to communicate information and knowledge. It is a discipline whose time has come. Until recently it was a mysterious specialty involving expensive display hardware, considerable computing resources, and specialized software. In the last few years, computer graphics has found its way into the mainstream of society,(More)
Computer Graphics is evolving as a discipline characterized by the fusion of artistic and technical theories and skills. The goal of the SIGGRAPH Curriculum Working Group has been to create a knowledge base that defines this discipline. This knowledge base is presented as a palette of subject areas and skills that forms the necessary educational framework(More)