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AIMS To identify how toddlers who drowned gained access to private swimming pools; to recommend preventive strategies to reduce the incidence of toddler drowning and near drowning. METHOD The study reviewed critically all completed investigations into the drowning deaths of toddlers aged 1-4 years reported to the state coroner (n=33) as a result of(More)
Transitioning medical students are anxious about their readiness-for-internship, as are their residency program directors and teaching hospital leadership responsible for care quality and patient safety. A readiness-for-internship assessment program could contribute to ensuring optimal quality and safety and be a key element in implementing competencybased,(More)
This paper will present a curriculum development process for the integration of readily available technlogies in early childhood curricula. It will describe a step-by-step framework and give examples based on the development of the Ready to Go Curriclum, a Microsoft PowerPointTM-based curriculum used for promoting phonological awareness among young(More)
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