Carven Chan

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Our ability to verify complex hardware lags far behind our capacity to design and fabricate it. We argue that this gap is partly due to the limitations of RTL models when used for verification. Higher level models such as SystemC and SystemVerilog aim to raise the level of abstraction to enhance designer productivity; however, they largely provide for(More)
The increasing pressure to make hardware resilient to runtime failures has prompted development of design techniques for specific classes of systems, e.g. processors and routers. However, these techniques come at increased design and verification costs, thus limiting their broader application. In this work we describe a methodology for general RTL designs(More)
Current RTL-based design methodologies face significant scaling challenges related to the difficulty of designing, modifying, and verifying RTL. RTL contains primarily low level structural information about the design. In contrast, the microarchitecture-level is much closer to the specification level, making it an effective entry point for hardware design.(More)
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