Cartney E. Smith

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1) Fast axoplasmic transport in mammalian nerve in vitro was studied using an isotope labeling technique. The rate of outflow in cat sciatic nerve fibers of 410 mm/day in vitro was reduced at temperatures below 38 degrees C with a Q10 of 2.0 in the range 38-18 degrees C and a Q10 of 2.3 at 38-13 degrees C. 2) At a temperature of 11 degrees C a partial(More)
Liposomes are commonly used to deliver drugs and contrast agents to their target site in a controlled manner. One of the greatest obstacles in the performance of such delivery vehicles is their stability in the presence of serum. Here, we demonstrate a method to stabilize a class of liposomes that load gadolinium, a magnetic resonance (MR) contrast agent,(More)
Self-assembled nanoparticles conjugated with various imaging contrast agents have been used for the detection and imaging of pathologic tissues. Inadvertently, these nanoparticles undergo fast, dilution-induced disintegration in circulation and quickly lose their capability to associate with and image the site of interest. To resolve this challenge, we(More)
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