Carter R. Gilbert

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and Agriculture (FAO) species identification sheets for fishes, which have been widely distributed to fisheries workers (and others) throughout the world. Many changes may be expected when this list is eventually updated (presumably around the year 2000), far more than will be true for the North American checklist. The perceived importance of some species(More)
in South Australia. "Is it too late to save the white shark?" they wonder, and suggest a hopeful if qualified negative with the announcement of white shark protection in South Africa. The last paragraph may resolve the ambiguity of the book, and is an inspired and eloquent plea to tolerate, appreciate and admire the white shark. One hopes such an attitude(More)
Several major systematic papers have recently been published on the perciform fish family Kyphosidae. One is a world revision of the family by Knudsen and Clements (2013), based largely on information summarized from an unpublished molecular phylogenetic analysis, supplemented by meristic and morphometric data. The second, by Sakai and Nakabo (2014), is a(More)
For many years the North American cyprinid fish Macrhybopsis aestivalis (common name: Speckled Chub) was regarded as a single widespread and morphologically variable species, occurring in rivers throughout much of the Mississippi Valley and geographically adjacent eastern Gulf slope drainages, west to the Rio Grande basin in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.(More)
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