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A powerful way to discover key genes with causal roles in oncogenesis is to identify genomic regions that undergo frequent alteration in human cancers. Here we present high-resolution analyses of somatic copy-number alterations (SCNAs) from 3,131 cancer specimens, belonging largely to 26 histological types. We identify 158 regions of focal SCNA that are(More)
A cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase, HSPDE4B2B, was found to be phosphorylated when expressed in Sf9 cells or yeast. Deletion of amino acids 81-151 and 529-564 had no effect on the phosphorylation of HSPDE4B2B. Mass spectrometric analysis of purified HSPDE4B2B(1-564). HSPDE4B2B(81-564) and HSPDE4B2B(152-528) showed that phosphorylation occurred predominantly(More)
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