Carter Edwards

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This paper presents the design, development and application of a computational infrastructure to support the implementation of parallel adaptive algorithms for the solution of sets of partial differential equations. The infrastructure is separated into multiple layers of abstraction. This paper is primarily concerned with the two lowest layersof this(More)
The basic premise of this report is that traditional matrix distributions for distributing matrices on distributed memory parallel architectures are in practice too restrictive. The primary problem lies with the fact that such distributions start with the matrix, not with the underlying physical problem. Through a series of examples, we show how this(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new parallel library eeort, as part of the PLAPACK project, that attempts to address discrepencies between the needs of applications and parallel libraries. A number of contributions are made, including a new approach to matrix distribution, new insights into layering parallel linear algebra libraries, and the application of(More)
Executive Summary The goal of the workshop and this report is to identify common themes and standardize concepts for locality-preserving abstractions for exascale programming models. Current software tools are built on the premise that computing is the most expensive component, we are rapidly moving to an era that computing is cheap and massively parallel(More)
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