Carsten Weber

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An electron propagating through a solid carries spin angular momentum in addition to its mass and charge. Of late there has been considerable interest in developing electronic devices based on the transport of spin that offer potential advantages in dissipation, size and speed over charge-based devices. However, these advantages bring with them additional(More)
According to Noether's theorem, for every symmetry in nature there is a corresponding conservation law. For example, invariance with respect to spatial translation corresponds to conservation of momentum. In another well-known example, invariance with respect to rotation of the electron's spin, or SU(2) symmetry, leads to conservation of spin polarization.(More)
JSLIM is a software system for writing grammars in accordance with the SLIM theory of language. Written in Java, it is designed to facilitate the coding of grammars for morphology as well as for syntax and semantics. This paper describes the system with a focus on morphology. We show how the system works, the evolution from previous versions, and how the(More)
INTRODUCTION Our work at beamline 1.4.2 has involved the setting-up and use of Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy in the range of 20-100 cm-1 to complement lower-frequency time-domain Terrahertz (TD-THz) studies of thin films of the oxides SrRuO 3 and Bi 2 Sr 2 CaCu 2 O 8+δ. We have demonstrated stable measurement in the desired frequency range,(More)
One of the most exciting proposals to emerge from the study of high-Tc superconductors is that Landau's Fermi liquid theory (FLT) breaks down in the metallic state above Tc [1]. This would have profound implications, since FLT provides the foundation for our current understanding of metals, together with systems as diverse as liquid 3 He and nuclear matter(More)
This paper deals with the derivational morphology of automatic word form recognition. It presents a set of declarative rules which augment lexical entries with information governing the allomorphic changes of derivation in addition to the existing allomorphy rules for inflection. The resulting component generates a single lexicon for derivational and(More)
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