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HeiTS, the Heidelberg Transport System, is a multimedia communication system for real-time delivery of digital audio and video. HeiTS operates on top of guaranteed-performance networks that apply resource reservation techniques. To make HeiTS also work with networks for which no reservation scheme can be realized (for example, Ethernet or existing(More)
Although efforts on reservation protocols for internetworks started quite some time ago, the research community is now becoming particularly active in this area, as proved by the high interest generated by protocols such as ST-II and RSVP. These two protocols, starting from different assumptions, have the common goal of providing guaranteed communication by(More)
The theory of rational addiction assumes that addicts' behavior is fully rational. Common sense and psychological introspection suggest, however, that addictive behavior is irrational. Without knowledge of the addicts' preferences this dispute cannot be resolved. This paper reports the results of an experiment in which addictive preferences were induced. It(More)
In an experiment on sequential rent seeking, we find that the theoretically predicted first-mover advantage does not exist empirically. Rather, a second-mover advantage can be observed. Though the subgame perfect equilibrium can not prevail in experiment, individual behavior is highly reasonable nevertheless, such that subjects appear to play a reduced form(More)
Biodegradation of anthropogenic pollutants in shallow aquifers is an important microbial ecosystem service which is mainly brought about by indigenous anaerobic microorganisms. For the management of contaminated sites, risk assessment and control of natural attenuation, the assessment of in situ biodegradation and the underlying microbial processes is(More)
Multimedia systems must be able to support a certain quality of service (QoS) to satisfy the stringent real-time performance requirements of their applications. HeiRAT, the Heidelberg Resource Administration Technique , is a comprehensive QoS management system that was designed and implemented in connection with a distributed multimedia platform for(More)
Multimedia applications handling audio and video data have to obey time characteristics of these media types. Besides a basic functionality to express time relations, correctness with respect to time constraints requires mechanisms which lead to favored processing of multimedia operations. CPU scheduling techniques based on the experience from real-time(More)
BTEX compounds such as benzene are frequent soil and groundwater contaminants that are easily biodegraded under oxic conditions by bacteria. In contrast, benzene is rather recalcitrant under anaerobic conditions. The analysis of anoxic degradation is often hampered by difficult sampling conditions, limited amounts of biomass and interference of matrix(More)