Carsten Surke

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Administration of perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis is a routine procedure in orthopedic surgery. Besides systemic prophylaxis, only few techniques are established for local application of antibiotics to reduce infection related to orthopedic implants. The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of locally versus systemically applied gentamicin in(More)
Although currently there are many different recommendations and strategies in the therapy of odontoid fractures in the elderly, there are still no generally accepted guidelines for a structured and standardised treatment. Moreover, the current opinion of spine surgeons regarding the optimal treatment of odontoid fractures Type II of the elderly is unknown.(More)
Rubber band syndrome is a rare entity seen in younger children mainly in communities where rubber bands are worn around the wrist for decorative purposes. When the band is worn for a long duration, it burrows through the skin and soft tissues resulting in distal edema, loss of function, and even damage to the neurovascular structures. These symptoms are(More)
Robert Kienböck is best known for his radiological identification and description of avascular necrosis of the lunate. But today there is only little knowledge of the man behind Kienböck's disease and his work. Kienböck's contributions to medicine, particularly the diagnosis of diseases of bones and as a pioneer in radiotherapy, were extraordinary. Indeed,(More)
An osteochondral transfer of a scaphoid segment into the lunate fossa in proximal row carpectomy was performed in two female patients in stage IV of Kienböck's disease. Clinical and radiological follow-up at 18 and 6 months, respectively, showed results comparable to those of PRC in Lichtman stage III. This technique may serve as another option for salvage(More)
The loss of the upper extremity implicates a grave insult in the life of the involved person. To compensate for the loss of function different powered prosthetic devices are available. Ever since their first development 70 years ago numerous improvements in terms of size, weight and wearing comfort have been developed, but issues regarding the control of(More)
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