Carsten Rieck

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SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden has since 2004 been running a project with the aim of performing time and frequency transfer using commercial asynchronous fiberoptical networks. The project is motivated by the need for an alternative and complementary time transfer method on a national basis with the goal of reaching accuracy and stability(More)
One important prerequisite for geodetic Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) is the use of frequency standards with excellent short term stability. This makes VLBI stations, which are often co-located with Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiving stations, interesting for studies of timeand frequency-transfer techniques. We present an(More)
In der Praxis kann Fäulnis in Holzkonstruktionen ein großes Problem darstellen. Ein Fäulnisbefall kann zu einer Schädigung in der Gesamtkonstruktion führen. Zusammen mit der TU Berlin wurden an der Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) Versuche mit Ultraschallecho zur Detektion von Bauteilrückwänden und verdeckten Hohlstellen durchgeführt.(More)
The spin response of a nested Fermi surface represented by a tight binding energy band is found to exhibit scaling in frequency divided by temperature within a restricted regime close to half-filling of the band. Computations of the spin susceptibility reveal a surprising momentum variation at various temperatures and frequencies. Neutron scattering data on(More)
A nested Fermi surface with nearly parallel orbit segments is found to yield a singlet d–wave superconducting state at high temperatures for a restricted range of the on–site Coulomb repulsion that avoids the competing spin density wave instability. The computed superconducting transition temperature drops dramatically as the nesting vector is decreased, in(More)
A client-server based data communication scheme was developed in order to establish a permanent and dynamic real-time GPS network for relative time and frequency transfer. The Kalman-filter-based real-time processor uses station pairwise common-view phase observations for estimating the receiver clock and tropospheric parameters. Orbit determination is(More)
In Raman spectra of cuprate superconductors the gap shows up both directly, via a redistribution of the electronic background, the so-called “2∆ peaks”, and indirectly, e.g. via the renormalization of phononic excitations. We use a model that allows us to study the redistribution and the related phonon self-energy effects simultaneously. We apply this model(More)
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