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Alexander Gerbaulet1
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1Alexander Gerbaulet
1Christian A Hübner
1Hans-Christian Pape
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K-Cl co-transporters are encoded by four homologous genes and may have roles in transepithelial transport and in the regulation of cell volume and cytoplasmic chloride. KCC3, an isoform mutated in the human Anderman syndrome, is expressed in brain, epithelia and other tissues. To investigate the physiological functions of KCC3, we disrupted its gene in(More)
A systematic analysis of the Drosophila genome data reveals the existence of pHCl, a novel member of ligand-gated ion channel subunits. pHCl shows nearly identical similarity to glutamate-, glycine-, and histamine-gated ion channels, does however not belong to any of these ion channel types. We identified three different sites, where splicing generates(More)
Copyright c by the paper's authors. Copying permitted for private and academic purposes. dass zusätzliche Konstrukte wie main-Funktionen oder Klassen eingeführt werden müssen. sie auch in UML-Klassendiagrammen [RJB04] verwendet werden. Dabei steht + für public, # für protected,-für private und ~ für package. Die Methode initializer wird bei der(More)
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