Carsten Neumann

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OBJECT Pyogenic vertebral infections are rare. In most papers investigators have focused on risk factors, clinical characteristics, and diagnostic findings, and discussed different management strategies. The optimal strategy for dealing with spinal infections, however, remains controversial. Additionally, outcome data regarding quality of life (QOL) after(More)
The increased amount of software in automotive embedded systems has challenged its C code development to successfully manage software design, reuse, flexibility and efficient implementation. Model-based methods help to address such challenges with more abstract specification, code generation and simulation to determine if software design will meet(More)
To support context-aware applications, it is beneficial to maintain shared context models that contain different types of information, like mobile objects, stationary objects, or spatially related digital information. This demonstration is about the NexusEditor, a graphical user interface to maintain spatial context models, interactively create queries,(More)
The monitoring of ecosystems alterations has become a crucial task in order to develop valuable habitats for rare and threatened species. The information extracted from hyperspectral remote sensing data enables the generation of highly spatially resolved analyses of such species' habitats. In our study we combine information from a species ordination with(More)
INTRODUCTION Fat embolism syndrome with respiratory failure after intramedullary nailing of a femur fracture is a rare but serious complication in trauma patients. CASE PRESENTATION We present the case of a 20-year-old Caucasian man who experienced paradoxical cerebral fat embolism syndrome with fulminant progression after intramedullary nailing of a(More)
Conceptual geological models of urban areas are an essential component of groundwater investigations as well as of urban groundwater management. For sustainable urban groundwater management there must be a coherent understanding of the local groundwater and aquifer system, which is unique at each location in respect of the particular groundwater setting and(More)
Automotive products carry a high level of mechatronic (electromechanical) components. Mechanical operations are controlled by embedded software that runs on electronic devices. The ever increasing complexity of electronic products of modern cars like drive-by-wire systems means that a very broad range of simulation must be used in the early phases of the(More)