Carsten Mente

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Collective dynamics of migrating cell populations drive key processes in tissue formation and maintenance under normal and diseased conditions. Collective cell behavior at the tissue level is typically characterized by considering cell density patterns such as clusters and moving cell fronts. However, there are also important observables of collective(More)
Under the protection of ascorbic acid a 4-hydroxyoestrone-bovine serum albumin conjugate was prepared containing intact 4-hydroxyoestrone as determined by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Using this antigen, antibodies with high affinity and specificity for 4-hydroxyoestrone were raised in rabbits. An assay procedure for the determination of(More)
Lattice-gas cellular automata (LGCAs) can serve as stochastic mathematical models for collective behavior (e.g. pattern formation) emerging in populations of interacting cells. In this paper, a two-phase optimization algorithm for global parameter estimation in LGCA models is presented. In the first phase, local minima are identified through gradient-based(More)
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