Carsten Locke

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A specification for Java in safety critical systems is being developed by The Open Group under the Java Community Process. The JSR-302 Expert Group has begun work to create this specification based on the Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) that will include a set of reduced functionality for safety critical applications. The goal is to facilitate(More)
Monte Carlo (MC) methods provide the most accurate to-date dose calculations in heterogeneous media and complex geometries, and this spawns increasing interest in incorporating MC calculations into treatment planning quality assurance process. This involves MC dose calculations for clinically produced treatment plans. To perform these calculations, a number(More)
Throughout the Ada procurement cycle, the principal goal was to provide a language supporting mode m software engineering principles in the development of realtime embedded software. As might be expected , the language was designed by people extremely familiar with language design in general and the resultin g language properly reflects modern software(More)
The use of serious educational games has many advantages, offering immersive, engaging and fun environments that require deep thinking and complex problem solving within a construct of overcoming obstacles and challenges. Developing new games, however, to support broad and rapidly evolving disciplines has remained time consuming, expensive, and requiring(More)
In this discussion, we will first describe the previous workshop scheduling recommendations, with a general overview of how (or if) these requirements are addressed in the draft Ada 9X Mapping Document . Following this, we will present the initial scheduling discussion at the mapping workshop which allowe d representatives of the mapping team to clarify the(More)
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