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Aus dem Ziel der strategischen ITK-Steuerung, die langfristige Entwicklung der ITK (Informationsund Telekommunikationstechnologie), ausgerichtet an den Zielen der Organisation, erfolgsorientiert zu gestalten, erwachsen fünf zentrale Aufgaben: Die Leitungsebene muss die Rolle, die die ITK einnehmen soll, klar bestimmen. Es muss ein Abgleich zwischen den(More)
Primary health care has emerged as a key element in the health care delivery system. A well-organized system of primary care is needed to reduce the fragmented, often parallel approaches currently seen in the delivery of health care. Important aspects of primary care include not only comprehensive services and continuity of care to the individual client but(More)
Involving community members into plans and projects is especially salient in initiating and maintaining nurse-managed centers. Nowhere is community involvement more crucial than in establishing a nursing practice in an isolated rural setting. The authors share their first-hand experiences in community interaction in establishing the state-funded health(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the satisfaction of clients with care provided in a rural nurse-managed health center by family nurse practitioners and to describe common health problems for which family nurse practitioner services were sought. The results indicated that of the 2,106 visits from a case load of 1,350 clients, acute health(More)
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