Carsten Lange

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(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Figure 1: The initial point set of the Venus torso (a) was disturbed with a 3% normal and tangential noise to produce the initial noisy point set (b). Figures (c) and (d) show the point set after 20 respectively 50 iterations of the anisotropic fairing algorithm which detects and emphasizes high principal curvature values. Figure (e)(More)
We present an efficient algorithm for computing a function that minimizes the number of critical points among all functions within a prescribed distance δ from a given input function. The result is achieved by establishing a connection between discrete Morse theory and persistent homology. Our method completely removes homological noise with persistence(More)
Lovász's striking proof of Kneser's conjecture from 1978 using the Borsuk–Ulam theorem provides a lower bound on the chromatic number χ(G) of a graph G. We introduce the shore subdivision of simplicial complexes and use it to show an upper bound to this topological lower bound and to construct a strong 2-deformation retraction from the box complex (in the(More)
An associahedron is a polytope whose vertices correspond to triangulations of a convex polygon and whose edges correspond to flips between them. Using labeled polygons, C. Hohlweg and C. Lange constructed various realizations of the associahedron with relevant properties related to the symmetric group and the classical permutahedron. We introduce the spine(More)
Local inflammatory responses are characterized by the recruitment of circulating leukocytes from the blood to sites of inflammation, a process requiring the directed migration of leukocytes across the vessel wall and hence a penetration of the endothelial lining. To identify underlying signalling events and novel factors involved in these processes we(More)
INTRODUCTION Giant lymph cysts are a relatively frequent complication after surgical procedures in the abdomen, often after kidney transplantation, but there are also cases after pelvic surgery such as lymphadenectomy and others. In the recent literature, there have been no reported cases of idiopathic giant lymphocyst. CASE PRESENTATION We present the(More)
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