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High density genotyping data are indispensable for genomic analyses of complex traits in animal and crop species. Maize is one of the most important crop plants worldwide, however a high density SNP genotyping array for analysis of its large and highly dynamic genome was not available so far. We developed a high density maize SNP array composed of 616,201(More)
The calibration data for genomic prediction should represent the full genetic spectrum of a breeding program. Data heterogeneity is minimized by connecting data sources through highly related test units. One of the major challenges of genome-enabled prediction in plant breeding lies in the optimum design of the population employed in model training. With(More)
In genomic prediction, an important measure of accuracy is the correlation between the predicted and the true breeding values. Direct computation of this quantity for real datasets is not possible, because the true breeding value is unknown. Instead, the correlation between the predicted breeding values and the observed phenotypic values, called predictive(More)
A doping series of AlAs ͑001͒ quantum wells with Si ␦-modulation doping on both sides reveals different dark and postillumination saturation densities, as well as temperature dependent photoconductivity. The lower dark two-dimensional electron density saturation is explained assuming deep binding energy of ⌬ DK = 65.2 meV for Si donors in the dark.(More)
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