Carsten Kehler Holst

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  • Morten Heine Ssrensen, Olivier Danvy, +10 authors Ssrensen V Vi
  • 1996
Turchin`s supercompiler is a program transformer that includes both partial evaluation and deforestation. Although known in the West since 1979, the essence of its techniques, its more precise relations to other transformers, and the properties of the programs that it produces are only now becomming apparent in the Western functional programming community.(More)
One of the remaining problems on the path towards fully automatic partial evaluation is ensuring termination of the specialization phase. In [10] we gave a termination analysis which could be applied to partial evaluation of first-order strict languages, using a new result about inductive arguments (loosely: if whenever something grows, something gets(More)
Syntactic currying of a program is the transformation of one phase program into two phase programs. One phase programs takes all the input and produce the result, while a two phase program takes part of it input and produce a residual program as an intermediate result, when the residual program is applied to the rest of the input it computes the final(More)
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