Carsten Huth

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Many of today's companies already have integrated workflow management systems (WFMS) within their ITinfrastructure which are mainly used for the core processes of the company. Furthermore these predefined processes are designed and implemented by specialists, whilst the process knowledge of the involved employees remains mostly unused. The daily business(More)
The increasing integration of groupware-based office systems in the internal business processes of companies leads to growing information memories. A significant part of work in such an office environment involves a combination of highly structured processes and tasks where the process is fuzzy and the rules, routes, and roles are dynamically defined as the(More)
With GroupOrga (Groupware Based Organization Design) we present a "thinkable" application environment and framework for distributed and collaborative organization design. The relationship between collaboration and organization structure is touched by addressing the question how people in an organization can collaboratively design constantly evolving(More)
Organisationsstrukturen, die ausschließlich durch Hierarchien, Bürokratie und viele Entscheidungsebenen gekennzeichnet sind, erscheinen nicht länger geeignet, den vieldiskutierten Umweltanforderungen nach Reaktionsschnelligkeit gerecht zu werden. Netzorientierte Informationstechnologie und innovative Kommunikationsformen eröffnen Wege, die zusammen mit(More)