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BACKGROUND The chick chorio-allantoic membrane (CAM) assay is a commonly used method for studying angiogenic or anti-angiogenic activities in vivo. The ease of access allows direct monitoring of tumour growth by biomicroscopy and the possibility to screen many samples in an inexpensive way. The CAM model provides a powerful tool to study effects of(More)
BACKGROUND Giant cell tumour of bone (GCTB) is an expansile osteolytic tumour which contains numerous osteoclast-like giant cells. GCTB frequently recurs and can produce metastatic lesions in the lungs. Bisphosphonates are anti-resorptive drugs which act mainly on osteoclasts. METHOD In this study, we have examined clinical and radiological outcomes of(More)
Purpose. The antimicrobial effect of a silver-coated tumor endoprosthesis has been proven in clinical and experimental trials. However, in the literature there are no reports concerning the effect of elementary silver on osteoblast behaviour. Therefore, the prosthetic stem was not silver-coated because of concerns regarding a possible inhibition of the(More)
Purpose. Rotationplasty has proven its efficacy in the treatment of malignant bone tumors of the lower extremity in predominantly young patients. To our knowledge this procedure has not been reported in patients over 60 years before. Materials and Methods. 3 patients over 60 years with an A1-rotationplasty because of a sarcoma were included in this study.(More)
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