Carsten Gebert

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BACKGROUND The chick chorio-allantoic membrane (CAM) assay is a commonly used method for studying angiogenic or anti-angiogenic activities in vivo. The ease of access allows direct monitoring of tumour growth by biomicroscopy and the possibility to screen many samples in an inexpensive way. The CAM model provides a powerful tool to study effects of(More)
BACKGROUND Giant cell tumour of bone (GCTB) is an expansile osteolytic tumour which contains numerous osteoclast-like giant cells. GCTB frequently recurs and can produce metastatic lesions in the lungs. Bisphosphonates are anti-resorptive drugs which act mainly on osteoclasts. METHOD In this study, we have examined clinical and radiological outcomes of(More)
Supersymmetric (SUSY) Ward identities are considered for the N=1 SU(2) SUSY Yang Mills theory discretized on the lattice with Wilson fermions (glu-inos). They are used in order to compute non-perturbatively a subtracted gluino mass and the mixing coefficient of the SUSY current. The computations were performed at gauge coupling β = 2.3 and hopping parameter(More)
This study examined cognitions relevant to sunbathing decision-making in college-aged subjects. Using Jaccard's (1981) theory of alternative behavior as a guiding model, 263 subjects were recruited from psychology classes and administered questionnaires assessing their sunbathing behavioural tendencies, attitudes toward sunbathing, attitudes toward(More)
The dependence of the pseudoscalar meson mass and decay constant is compared to one-loop Partially Quenched Chiral Perturbation Theory (PQChPT) in a numerical simulation with two light dynamical quarks. The characteristic behaviour with chiral logarithms is observed. The values of the fitted PQChPT-parameters are in a range close to the expectation in(More)
The present study is an examination of the underlying psychological variables relevant to a sun-damage preventive behavior, sunscreen use. The focus of the research was to examine cognitive predictors of sunscreen use, utilizing a decision theoretic framework. Two hundred thirty subjects were recruited from psychology classes and administered questionnaires(More)
Purpose. The antimicrobial effect of a silver-coated tumor endoprosthesis has been proven in clinical and experimental trials. However, in the literature there are no reports concerning the effect of elementary silver on osteoblast behaviour. Therefore, the prosthetic stem was not silver-coated because of concerns regarding a possible inhibition of the(More)
A recurrence scheme is defined for the numerical determination of high degree polynomial approximations to functions as, for instance, inverse powers near zero. As an example, polynomials needed in the two-step multi-boson (TSMB) algorithm for fermion simulations are considered. For the polyno-mials needed in TSMB a code in C is provided which is easily(More)