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Investigative analysts who work with collections of text documents connect embedded threads of evidence in order to formulate hypotheses about plans and activities of potential interest. As the number of documents and the corresponding number of concepts and entities within the documents grow larger, sense-making processes become more and more difficult for(More)
Despite the growing number of systems providing visual analytic support for investigative analysis, few empirical studies of the potential benefits of such systems have been conducted, particularly controlled, comparative evaluations. Determining how such systems foster insight and sensemaking is important for their continued growth and study, however.(More)
Several recent studies indicate that many industrial applications exhibit poor quality in the design of exception-handling. To improve the quality of error-handling, we need to understand the problems and obstacles that developers face when designing and implementing exception-handling. In this paper, we present our research on understanding the viewpoint(More)
Analyzing and understanding collections of textual documents is an important task for professional analysts and a common everyday scenario for nonprofessionals. We have developed the Jigsaw visual analytics system to support these types of sensemaking activities. Jigsaw's development benefited significantly from the existence of the VAST Contest/Challenge(More)
Investigators across many disciplines and organizations must sift through large collections of text documents to understand and piece together information. Whether they are fighting crime, curing diseases, deciding what car to buy, or researching a new field, inevitably investigators will encounter text documents. Taking a visual analytics approach, we(More)
In this paper, we explore the problems associated with exception handling from a new dimension: the human. We designed a study that evaluates (1) different perspectives of software developers to understand how they perceive exception handling and what methods they adopt to deal with exception handling constructs, and (2) the usefulness of a visualization(More)