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Achieving a sustainable level of energy production and consumption is one of the major challenges in our society. This paper contributes to the objective of increasing energy efficiency by introducing a market mechanism that facilitates the efficient matching of energy (i.e. electricity and heat) demand and supply in Micro Energy Grids. More precisely we(More)
This paper describes a novel approach for the automated management of micro energy grids. In particular a market based resource allocation mechanism is used to control energy generators and consumers within a micro energy grid. This approach requires energy consumers (producers) to buy (sell) their energy demands (supplies) through a specialized electronic(More)
Electronic Services become more and more important for our daily life. News and communication services are among the most prominent examples that drastically transformed the way we keep ourselves informed and relate to each other. But new application areas for electronic services such as grid computing, security and surveillance, ambient assisted living, or(More)
Future sustainable energy systems will need efficient, clean, low-cost, renewable energy sources, as well as market structures that motivate sustainable behaviors on the part of households and businesses. "Smart grid" components can help consumers manage their consumption only if pricing policies are in place that motivate consumers to install and use these(More)