Carsten Block

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Achieving a sustainable level of energy production and consumption is one of the major challenges in our society. This paper contributes to the objective of increasing energy efficiency by introducing a market mechanism that facilitates the efficient matching of energy (i.e. electricity and heat) demand and supply in Micro Energy Grids. More precisely we(More)
This paper describes a novel approach for the automated management of micro energy grids. In particular a market based resource allocation mechanism is used to control energy generators and consumers within a micro energy grid. This approach requires energy consumers (producers) to buy (sell) their energy demands (supplies) through a specialized electronic(More)
The variety of procurement mechanisms present in the today's e-procurement landscape ranging from electronic catalogue systems over e-negotiations to e-auctions, points at the fact that there exists no single best solution for all sourcing activities. Each mechanism rather has certain advantages and disadvantages. The discipline of economics has(More)
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