Carsten Bletz

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Calcium-dependent regulation of tension and ATPase activity in permeabilized porcine ventricular muscle was lost after incubation with 10 mM vanadate. After transfer from vanadate to a vanadate-free, low-Ca2+ solution (pCa greater than 8), the permeabilized muscle produced 84.8% +/- 20.1% (+/- S.D., n = 98) of the isometric force elicited by high Ca2+ (pCa(More)
The technology of multislice X-ray computed tomography (MSCT) provides volume data sets with approximately isotropic resolution, which permits a noninvasive 3-D measurement and quantification of airway geometry. In different diseases, like emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or cystic fribrosis, changes in lung parenchyma are associated(More)
We have investigated whether a Ca(2+)-sensitizing substance, the thiadiazinone derivative EMD 53998, can alter the ratio of ATPase activity to force, i.e. the tension cost in skinned fibres of swine cardiac trabecula in which the tension cost was increased by inorganic phosphate. In the presence of 10 mM inorganic phosphate (Pi) and thapsigargin 20 microM,(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To study the dynamics of lung compartments by dynamic CT (dCT) imaging during uninterrupted pressure-controlled ventilation (PCV) and different positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) settings in healthy and damaged lungs. DESIGN Experimental animal investigation. SETTING Experimental animal facility of a university department. (More)
PURPOSE Dynamic CT (dCT) allows visualization and quantification of ventilated lung and atelectases with high temporal resolution during continuous ventilation. This study compares a quantitative image analysis in a subcarinal single slice dCT series versus a whole lung spiral-CT, in order to analyze, whether the distribution of atelectasis of a single dCT(More)
Skinned fibers from the normal human heart with the beta-myosin heavy chain (ventricular fibers) revealed both a higher force generation per cross section and a higher Ca2+ sensitivity than skinned fibers with the alpha-myosin heavy chain (atrial fibers). The relation between isometric ATPase activity and isometric tension of atrial fibers was higher than(More)
The increase in force development in the heart with increase in end-diastolic pressure (Frank-Starling mechanism) has been ascribed to an increase in contractile responsiveness of the myofibrils to calcium. We now show that this calcium sensitization is also associated with an increase in calcium responsiveness of the myofibrillar ATPase. Thus, at(More)
The purpose of this study was to analyse the number and types of secondary fractures, and to investigate the impact of intradiscal cement leaks for adjacent vertebral fractures. Patients with osteoporotic vertebral fractures were treated with vertebroplasty. Results were documented and prospectively followed by means of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic(More)
The mechanical properties of myocardium of different animals are modified by a chronic increase in haemodynamic load. In this study differences in calcium sensitivity and maximum unloaded shortening velocity of hypertrophic and non-hypertrophic chemically skinned human atrial fibres are characterized. Investigating right atria of 34 patients, possible(More)
PURPOSE To study quantitative changes of lung density distributions when recording in- and expiratory static pressure-volume curves by single slice computed tomography (CT). MATERIALS AND METHODS Static in- and expiratory pressure volume curves (0 to 1000 ml, increments of 100 ml) were obtained in random order in 10 pigs after induction of lung damage by(More)