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The technology of multislice X-ray computed tomography (MSCT) provides volume data sets with approximately isotropic resolution, which permits a noninvasive 3-D measurement and quantification of airway geometry. In different diseases, like emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or cystic fribrosis, changes in lung parenchyma are associated(More)
Skinned fibers from the normal human heart with the beta-myosin heavy chain (ventricular fibers) revealed both a higher force generation per cross section and a higher Ca2+ sensitivity than skinned fibers with the alpha-myosin heavy chain (atrial fibers). The relation between isometric ATPase activity and isometric tension of atrial fibers was higher than(More)
At neutral pH, fully Ca2+ -activated glycerinated dorsal longitudinal fibre bundles from Lethocerus indicus contract under isometric conditions and respond to release by deactivation, i.e. quick release causes a delayed tension fall. At slightly alkaline pH, the release-induced deactivation becomes a transient phenomenon, i.e. a delayed tension fall is(More)
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