Carsta Petersohn

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We formalize the rigorous but informal description of the semantics of statecharts given by Harel and Naamad in [3] which corresponds to the semantics underlying the commercial tool STATEMATE. We closely follow [3] to increase confidence that our semantics actually corresponds to their informal description. In [3] the semantics is given by a detailed(More)
A comparison between Strtlcl.ured Nlcthods, as represented by the Essential Model of \Vard&Mcllor's Transformat.ion Schcmil..'>. and the Statemate specification language consisting of St.atcand Act.ivitychart.s, is presented. The comparison is based on the languages' semant.ic properties. An example from the field of fault-tolerant systems serves as a(More)
Shots are commonly regarded as the basic unit of video above the frame level. Scenes and higher temporal structures are usually based upon them. However, the common definitions of shots and scenes do not completely support this hierarchy. Scene boundaries can occur within shots. Reasons and examples are given in this paper. A new level in the hierarchy of(More)
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