Carson M. Quinn

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Circuit mapping requires knowledge of both structural and functional connectivity between cells. Although optical tools have been made to assess either the morphology and projections of neurons or their activity and functional connections, few probes integrate this information. We have generated a family of photoactivatable genetically encoded Ca(2+)(More)
Dielectrophoresis, the motion of particles in non-uniform electric field, was investigated as a technology with the potential for rapid analysis of ozonated Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts. The ratio of dielectrophoretic collection at two key frequencies (100 kHz and 10 MHz) was determined to compare the effect of ozonation at various dosages. A relationship(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the frequency of low-tidal volume ventilation in pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome and assess if any demographic or clinical factors improve low-tidal volume ventilation adherence. DESIGN Descriptive post hoc analysis of four multicenter pediatric acute respiratory distress syndrome studies. SETTING Twenty-six(More)
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