Carrie Wilson

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Nicotine dependence is a chronic mental illness that is characterized by a negative affective state upon tobacco smoking cessation and relapse after periods of abstinence. It has been hypothesized that cessation of nicotine administration results in the activation of brain corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF) systems that leads to the negative affective(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate independently the effect of blastomere number and degree of fragmentation on pregnancy outcome following single ETs in women with a decreased egg reserve. DESIGN Retrospective cohort analysis. SETTING In vitro fertilization center of a university-based practice. PATIENT(S) Women having a single ET related to a decreased egg(More)
Purpose: Our purpose was to determine if controlled ovarian hyperstimulation adversely affects implantation. Methods: A retrospective comparison of pregnancy rates (PRs) and implantation rates was made between oocyte recipients versus their donors, who shared half of the retrieved oocytes, and regular patients undergoing in vitro fertilization–embryo(More)
Purpose: Women undergoing in vitro fertilization with lowovarian reserve and poor response to controlled ovarianhyperstimulation (COH) present a management dilemma.In a retrospective observational study, we compared thepretreatment use of the gestogen medroxyprogesterone acetate(10 mg twice daily from day 15 of the cycle for aminimum of 2 weeks) with an(More)
BACKGROUND Telomerase is a ribonucleoprotein enzyme that synthesises telomeres after cell division and maintains chromosomal length and stability thus leading to cellular immortalisation. hTERT (human telomerase reverse transcriptase) gene is the rate-limiting determinant of telomerase reactivation. The present study aims to quantitatively measure the(More)
Concentrations of various proteins in uterine flushings have been described as a direct method for assessment of the secretory activity of the endometrium. We investigated levels of the endometrial protein known as placental protein 14 (PP14) in flushings obtained from 271 infertile women. Under transvaginal ultrasonographic control, 2 ml of 0.154 M sodium(More)
Initial in vitro fertilization (IVF)-embryo transfer studies found poor fertilization and pregnancy rates following conventional fertilization of oocytes when using sperm with <4% normal morphology using strict criteria. Some consider today that sperm with only < or =5% normal morphology using strict criteria are associated with infertility. However, other(More)
Uterine flushings were obtained under transvaginal ultrasonographic control from 132 women presenting for investigation and treatment of infertility. Levels of CA 125 were measured by radioimmunoassay and results expressed in relation to the total protein concentration of the same flushings. CA 125 was detected in uterine fluid at levels higher than those(More)
BACKGROUND Mifepristone, a progesterone receptor antagonist, has been found to provide palliative benefits for various types of spontaneous murine cancer in randomized controlled trials and in anecdotal reports from a variety of advanced metastatic human cancer not known to be associated with progesterone receptors. The theory of its mechanism is that it(More)
BACKGROUND Mifepristone has been demonstrated to improve longevity and quality of life in mice with spontaneous murine cancer without progesterone receptors and in human colon cancer. The present study evaluated the palliative effect of mifepristone in a variety of different types of human cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Mifepristone was given at 200 mg(More)