Carrie Tompkins

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Narcotics and other prescription drugs play a significant and legitimate role in medical practice. The illicit use of prescribed medicines, however, remains a major problem. This paper examines the effectiveness of two drug diversion control programs, multiple copy prescriptions programs (MCPP) and electronic data transfer (EDT) systems, and their impact on(More)
A virus disease of cabbage (Brassica olerácea Li. var. capitata L.), designated as black ring, is prevalent mainly during the winter and spring seasons near San Pablo and Colma in the San Francisco Bay section and in the Sacramento, Salinas, and Santa Clara Valleys of California (18).^ Other crucifers of more importance ill California, including Brussels(More)
A mosaic disease of turnip [Brassica rapa L.) occurs on Long Island, N. Y. Typical specimens of this disease were obtained for comparative greenhouse studies with virus diseases affecting certain cultivated crucifers in California {lô, 16,17,18)} It is the purpose of this paper to describe briefly the symptoms of this mosaic disease of turnip from New York,(More)
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