Carrie S McNeil

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We tested the strong form of the perceptual-load hypothesis, which posits that the amount of perceptual load is the only factor determining whether attention can be effectively focused. Participants performed a visual search task under conditions of low and high load and with either a 100% valid spatial cue or no spatial cue. With no cue, participants(More)
OBJECTIVE There is no safe level of secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure. Most US casinos continue to allow smoking, thus exposing workers and patrons to the hazards of SHS. This paper reviews the scientific literature on air quality, SHS exposure, health effects and economic outcomes related to SHS and smoking restrictions in casinos, as well as on smoking(More)
PURPOSE Low availability and affordability of healthier foods in food stores on the Navajo Nation (NN) may be a community-level risk factor for the high prevalence of obesity among the Navajo people. This study assessed the availability and pricing of foods and beverages in supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the NN. DESIGN Descriptive study(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the associations between demographic variables and sick leave use. METHODS We analyzed sick leave use among civil servants at a federal agency (FA) from 2004 to 2012 by demographic and FA-specific variables. We used a mixed methods approach and type III analysis to build a descriptive model of sick leave proportions and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine percentages of domestic cats and dogs vaccinated against rabies, identify barriers to vaccination, and assess knowledge about rabies in a semirural New Mexico community after a skunk rabies outbreak. DESIGN Cross-sectional, door-to-door, bilingual, community-based participatory survey. SAMPLE 366 residential properties in Eddy(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess hospitalisation risk factors and economic effects associated with a multistate hepatitis A outbreak in 2013. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective case series. METHODS Eligible outbreak-related cases confirmed by September 1, 2013, were defined as acute hepatitis symptoms and positive IgM anti-hepatitis A during March 15-August 12 among(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluates the predictability in temporal absences trends due to all causes (total absenteeism) among employees at a federal agency. The objective is to determine how leave trends vary within the year, and determine whether trends are predictable. METHODS Ten years of absenteeism data from an attendance system were analyzed for rates(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether trends of sickness in employees at a federal agency are predictable, and whether the variance was minimal enough to detect unusual levels of employee illness for further investigation. METHODS Ten years of absenteeism data from an attendance system were analyzed for rates of sickness absence. Specifically, week of year and(More)
Live poultry-associated salmonellosis is an emerging public health issue in the United States. Public and animal health officials collaborated to investigate one of the largest (356 cases, 39 states) of these outbreaks reported to date. A case was defined as illness in a person infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Typhimurium with illness onset(More)
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