Carrie McAdam-Marx

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BACKGROUND Approximately 3.2-3.9 million U.S. residents are infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Total annual costs (direct and indirect) in the United States for HCV were estimated to be $5.46 billion in 1997, and direct medical costs have been predicted to increase to $10.7 billion for the 10-year period from 2010 through 2019, due in part to the(More)
BACKGROUND Resistant hypertension, or failure to attain blood pressure (BP) goals while treated with > or = 3 antihypertensives (including a diuretic), occurred in 15% to 18% of patients in prospective cohort trials. OBJECTIVES The aims of this work were to identify the prevalence of resistant hypertension in an ambulatory care setting and to describe the(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim is to quantify community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) treatment outcomes and costs from a managed care perspective by the level of macrolide resistance corresponding to the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) where patients lived. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective analysis was conducted using the i3 Magnify database (05/2000-05/2005)(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE To evaluate and compare the risk of adverse events (AEs) associated with the use of metformin, sulfonylureas and thiazolidinediones among geriatric patients in a usual care setting. METHODS An electronic medical record database was utilized to identify geriatric patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus aged > or =65 years from 1996(More)
OBJECTIVE To review recent literature regarding relationships among age, weight or body mass index (BMI), bone mineral density (BMD), maternal history of fracture, or personal prior history of fracture and fragility fractures in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis (PMO). DATA SOURCES A MEDLINE database search (1995-June 30, 2007) was conducted to(More)
BACKGROUND Insulin is a mainstay in the treatment of type 1 diabetes and is a recommended option in patients with type 2 diabetes who fail to maintain glycaemic control on other non-insulin therapies. The purpose of this study was to describe patient characteristics and evaluate changes in glycaemic control and weight in patients treated with insulin in an(More)
Osteoporosis represents a growing health burden, but recognition and screening rates are low. Electronic reminders for osteoporosis have been beneficial but are not based on clinical risk factors. Available risk screening tools may contain useful constructs for creating risk-based electronic medical record (EMR) reminders. Using a cohort study design among(More)
AIMS This study evaluates the relationship between HbA1c and weight change outcomes by anti-diabetic weight-effect properties in patients newly treated for type 2 diabetes; a relationship not previously characterized. METHODS Electronic medical records of patients with type 2 diabetes newly prescribed anti-diabetic monotherapy were assessed to identify(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantify adverse events (AEs) associated with the use of metformin (MET), sulphonylureas (SUs) and thiazolidinediones (TZDs) in a usual care setting, and to assess the relationship of AEs to treatment patterns and glycaemic response in patients with type 2 diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS An electronic medical record database was used to(More)
SUMMARY We identified factors associated with oral bisphosphonate treatment in 50+-year-old female patients with a first fracture, osteoporosis diagnosis, or BMD < or =-2.5 in the Geisinger Health System electronic health record database. Treatment was positively associated with age, oral corticosteroids, and smoking, and negatively associated with body(More)