Carrie Kyle

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Extravasation of leukocytes into organized lymphoid tissues and into sites of inflammation is critical to immune surveillance. Leukocyte migration to peripheral lymph nodes (PLN), mesenteric lymph nodes (MLN) and Peyer's patches (PP) depends on L-selectin, which recognizes carbohydrate-bearing, sialomucin-like endothelial cell surface glycoproteins. Two of(More)
BACKGROUND The adhesion molecule L-selectin is expressed on the cell surface of lymphocytes and mediates their migration from the bloodstream into lymph nodes. L-selectin is able to recognize four glycoprotein ligands, three of which--Sgp50, Sgp90, and Sgp200--are sulphated, bind specifically to L-selectin and are synthesized by the high endothelial venules(More)
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