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This paper presents data from a series of preliminary neuropsychiatric studies, including neuropsychological, personality, sexual history, plethysmographic and neuroimaging investigations, on a sample of 22 male, heterosexual, nonexclusive pedophiles and 24 demographically similar healthy controls. A psychobiological model of pedophilia is proposed,(More)
OBJECTIVE Methadone Maintenance Therapy (MMT) and detoxification to abstinence are among the most common treatment options for opiate-dependent patients. This paper compares personality traits in detoxified former heroin users and those on MMT in order to assess their relevance to treatment selection. METHOD Twenty-six formerly heroin-dependent subjects(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a conceptual definition of quality of life (QoL) with a left ventricular assist device (LVAD). BACKGROUND Conceptual and operational definitions of QoL with an LVAD are lacking. METHODS A grounded theory method was used. Adult, outpatient LVAD recipients (n = 11) participated twice in individual or paired interviews. RESULTS A(More)
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