Carrie Blakeslee

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The authors review ten essential amino acids with regard to their metabolic, physiologic and therapeutic effects throughout the human body. Physical properties of these biologically active compounds are discussed as a foundation for their diverse roles in special nitrogen containing products, neurotransmitters, and as alternative energy sources. Both normal(More)
This study investigates several physiological measurements for their correlation to the minimal arterial occlusion pressure using the pneumatic ankle tourniquet. Blood pressure (brachial), height, weight, body fat percentage, ankle circumference, and leg circumference measurements were collected from 50 normotensive healthy subjects. Ankle brachial index(More)
Females of the fighting fish Betta splendens have been shown to associate with other B. splendens females in a manner reminiscent of shoaling behavior. Since body coloration varies dramatically in this species, and since body coloration has been shown to affect shoalmate choice in other species of fish, we examined the influence of body coloration on(More)
Heterospecific grouping behavior of mummichogs (Fundulus heteroclitus) and banded killifish (Fundulus diaphanus) was analyzed in the laboratory and in a freshwater tidal marsh in Cremona, Maryland. Several parameters of wild, intact shoals were measured, including species composition, body length, parasite load, gender, and any physical abnormalities. Fish(More)
Growth factors are increasingly investigated for their role in wound healing. The authors present evidence from human and animal studies suggesting that growth hormone induces a positive nitrogen balance, enhances connective-tissue synthesis, and increases lean body mass. The physiology of diabetes and wound healing is reviewed in the context of how growth(More)
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