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Ingestion of ethylene glycol is a rare occurrence, but it is an attractive agent for intoxication and suicide. Treatment is aimed at rapid excretion of the EG, prevention of the formation of metabolites, and the prevention and treatment of renal failure. Prior to discharge, Mr K revealed that he had drunk the antifreeze because he was despondent about his(More)
The review questions that are featured in each of the issues of the JEN are based on the Emergency Nursing Core Curriculum and other pertinent resources to emergency nursing practice, pediatric and adult. These questions offer emergency nurses an opportunity to test their knowledge about their practice. These questions appear both in print and online.
1. An 80-year-old man is admitted to the emergency department after a neighbor found him lying on the floor of his home after a fall from a stepladder. History revealed that he had been lying on the floor for approximately 9 hours. He has some bruising on the right side of his body, and radiographs reveal a right hip fracture. Medications include lisinopril(More)