Carrie A Kauffman

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The nuclear spin dependence of the chemical reaction H(3)(+)+ H(2) → H(2) + H(3)(+) has been studied in a hollow cathode plasma cell. Multipass infrared direct absorption spectroscopy has been employed to monitor the populations of several low-energy rotational levels of ortho- and para-H(3)(+) (o-H(3)(+) and p-H(3)(+)) in hydrogenic plasmas of varying(More)
A direct current discharge has been coupled with a continuous supersonic expansion to provide a source of rotationally cold molecular ions for gas phase spectroscopy. Constructed primarily of machinable ceramic and stainless steel, this source design is modular, customizable, and robust. Its performance has been assessed by recording transitions within the(More)
High-resolution spectroscopy of molecular ions has been proven to be a difficult endeavor. Generating significant quantities of the desired ions and discriminating ions from neutrals are among some of the many difficulties surrounding the spectroscopic studies of these species. Despite these difficulties, molecular ions and their reactions play important(More)
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